We all agree that Fish farming is a multi-billion dollar industry because of its importance commercial and substantially. However, we can’t overemphasize that fish farming requires rearing of fish in an enclosed body of water such as ponds for food. There is an increased demand for fish and fish products globally and this has led to widespread of fish farming (aquaculture) because of its widespread uses in the manufacturing of foods and drugs.

For example, China is the world’s largest production of sea foods (including fish) with a percentage of over 60%. The importance of fish to the world cannot be overemphasized. Revenue generation and its wonderful health benefits as a protein ingredient and a source of co-driver oil have further escalated the production of fish globally.

However, if you implore the wrong techniques and methods in rearing fishes, it could lead to a disaster and loss of revenue. That is why we suggest improvement methods and techniques we use in fish production to maximize the fishery industry opportunity to generate profit.

Fish farming is one of the most reliable means of global food sustenance and there is no argument about that. According to World Bank, fish farming otherwise known as aquaculture would eventually account for approximately two thirds of global food fish consumption by 2030.

Don’t you find this remarkable?