After you have successfully opened our website and navigated through the homepage to see what we are capable of doing in fishery, you may rightly ask yourself what type of fish you need for rearing or for consumption.

When such choices are made, then next thing would be finding out the number of species you require and sizes of fishes we have at our disposal. By now, you should be ready to place an order for the delivery of your desired type of fish and the required size.

Basically, there are three steps you need to follow to place a successful order on this website.

  • Navigate to the fish trained page. You will find a search box at the top right corner. Type the name of the name and size of fish you want to purchase as well the quantity you want to buy into the search box and click search.

  • After the search, you will see the types of fishes as well as their sizes and if the fishes available. Navigate to the ones you desire and click. The site will then display the details of your desired purchase. These details include price range, mode of payments and time for delivery.

  • When you find you're desired item for purchase, you have to add it to your cart at the left-hand corner of the website. The cart is to make it easier for you if you desire to purchase more than one item so the transaction process will be faster.

    The next thing is to pay. To do this, you need to have a credit or debit card available. You also need to have the required amount in your account in the bank. Then enter your debit or credit card details and select payment at the left-hand bottom corner of your screen.

    You need not to fear about your card details as we can assure you, your details are secure and private. Once you see the 'your payment is successful ' statement, know that the process is complete and you know free to leave the website.