Destination holidays often hold a special appeal to individuals as well as families looking to escape the pressure of work as well or looking for some family bonding time. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city as you holiday in our lovely holiday resort here at Jenkins Marr fishery.

Our resort is a lovable mix of the contemporary and traditional. State of the art and stocked with 25 rooms, comprising of six chalets, beautifully situated in the flamboyant green hillside of a tropical forest.

Treat yourself to luxury at its finest and explore our range of amenities such as restaurants and pool; enjoying some of the best sea foods. The experience you will have here is like no other, we use the finest furnishings, beddings and amenities to make your stay distinct and relaxing.

You can bask in the beauty of watching our lively fishes frolic in the water. Yet there is much for your ecstasy!

Whether you're in town for business, a retreat or holiday, we welcome our exclusive guests who desire a serene escape. We offer you affordable holiday at the best price possible.

We have an Olympic size pool open 24 hours a day. We also have a bar and a night club which is opened 24 hours a day. Our rooms are large and spacious. They all have a hot tube for maximum comfort and relaxation.

We have a massage parlor with some of the best masseurs in the job you will find anywhere in the world. We also have state of the art spar to give you the. The availability of state of the art exercise and gym center for those who are crazy about their fitness and high speed internet services makes for the best holiday experience.

In addition, we have put in place the provision of maximum security made possible by our highly trained security team and the availability of over 200 CCTV cameras working 24 hours in a day every day.

The availability of a nearby fully functional hospital means that any emergencies you might have would be taken care of within the shortest possible time.

Why not take advantage of our hospitality and come with your loved ones to our resort? You are assured of getting your money worth in services and comfort and have an amazing fishing experience.