Fishing is no doubt one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities to engage. The recreational splendor of fishing has been entrenched in human culture right from the time ancient China began the practice of fun fishing.

Fishing can be truly amazing and unique especially to families who have been plugged to rigorous working schedules leaving out no space for pleasure. Going out for fishing game is undoubtedly one of the best ways to escape from work and observe the beautiful scenery of the seas and the bubbling of fishes in water.

There are several fun fishing games one could get himself or herself enticed with. From fishing to playing fish card board games, we have all the fun waiting for you at Jenkins Marr fishery. If you can't wait, you can try some online games with fishes. A popular online fish slot is Koi Princess from NetEnt in which you will see both an anime girl and koi fishes.

What do you need to enjoy the fun

Going out on a fishing game empty handed isn’t really ideal and may bore you of the real reason why you came in the first place. You need fishing net, a hook and line, a basket that would hold your catch and bait. We can provide you with all these so you need to bother yourself acquiring them.

Enjoy the wonderful experience of throwing your nets or hook and line with a bait in the water. Sometimes, it takes a whole before one fish gets into the net but that’s the beauty of fishing.

We as a fishery company ensures that families and individuals enjoy their fishing experience by engaging in fishing games. We provide boats fishing also for those who want to further enjoy catching some fishes while on water.

We have all these amazing spots for families as we are committed into ensuring the safety by providing safety precautions or practices, first aid kit for emergency treatment and others. We are simply amazing and set our customers as our number one priority.

This has kept the smile on the faces of our customers, sealing their loyalty to us.