Jenkins Marr is one company that stands out in the world of aquaculture.

We as a fishery company have dived into the many opportunities in the fishery business to provide the best of reared fish species amongst millions of other sea foods in water to the populace. We provide high fish feeds and fishes that extremely grow fast within a short period of time and have high resistance to diseases.



With our high level of expertise and experience in the fishery industry, we are committed to providing the best quality of fish that guarantee both nutritional benefits and otherwise.


We implore the safest and the best of fishing techniques that guarantees high level of production while not exposing them to scarcity of oxygen content, high stocking and poor aeration of water. Our reliability across the years has stood us out seamlessly from the competition. Our customers trust us for the best and we have not failed them once.

Quality Services

We engage in-

  • Fish production

  • Fish and feeds sale

  • Fish Processing

  • Fish packaging.

Excellent Recreation Spots

Want to have a real fishing holiday experience during your summer or winter holiday? We have and provide excellent relaxation spots for the purpose of fishing expedition. We provide some amazing fishing resorts reserved for fishing exercises. Book a recreation spot by buying a ticket on our website. It is fun all the way!